About Us

Welcome to Franklin Construction, INC.

Rodney Williams is the owner and manager of Franklin Construction, INC. He has been in the Construction Business and related fields for over 25 years and holds an Unlimited NC General Contractors License in Building and Public Utilities, an Unlimited NC Class 1 Plumbing License, and is a NC Licensed Real Estate Broker. You can trust that Franklin Construction Inc. has the experience and expertise to construct and manage projects ranging from all types of commercial, multi-family and specialty construction. Our knowledge and attention to our clients needs is what makes Franklin Construction, Inc the best choice for your next project.

At Franklin Construction, INC. we believe in value added collaboration, working hand in hand with our project owners, Architects, Engineers, Suppliers and Jurisdictional Authorities to ensure success not only at the end but from project inception all the way through until the point of project completion. We want to exceed our clients’ expectations while making their project’s experience a pleasurable one.

Attention to the Client’s Vision

We are passionate about understanding our client’s needs and expectations, and take the time to thoroughly envision each project from the client’s perspective. We then carefully strive to adhere to that vision throughout every stage of the project from pre-planning to completion.

Communication & follow Through

Communication is a key factor in delivering a successful project. Having a responsive and dedicated management team ensures than any updates or changes on the project are clearly discussed, documented and in alignment with the client’s original vision.


Before we begin building, every aspect of the job has been carefully reviewed, discussed and documented. We develop a thorough and detailed plan and analyze every aspect of your project before our first day on site.

Safety Procedures and Equipment

Safety is at the core of every successful project. Our employees and subcontractors use the appropriate safety equipment and follow safety procedures every day of the job. We maintain strict safety guidelines and hold weekly safety meeting on larger jobs to review on site protocols, safety checklists and maintain appropriate safety data records.


Throughout each project, we maintain an orderly, clean and well managed job site. We understand that this reflects positively not only on our company but on the client’s project and property as well. A clean job site adds greatly to a safer job site. When the job is completed, our hope is to have exceeded the client’s expectations of a occupant ready facility.

On Site

Every person on the job, whether a Franklin Construction employee or a subcontractor is required to provide the highest level of expertise and service. We take pride in each of our team members being courteous, helpful, prompt, reliable and professional.

Our Subcontractors

The vendors we use are carefully selected, not only for expertise, safety record and business practices, but also for their alignment with Franklin Construction’s values and our past working relationship with them. We realize while not every person on the job works directly for Franklin Construction, every person on the job reflects on us.

Occupied Building Projects

Our team utilizes the latest technology in containing the work area, enabling the occupied locations to function with as little interruption and disturbance as possible. The greatest of care is taken to confine both noise and construction debris just to those areas being worked on so your business may continue in as normal a manner as possible.


We believe that using the latest technology plays an important role in our success as well as the success of the client’s project. It enables us to exchange all project information and documentation with the office, client and job site in real time. When our management team has an update or change, our field personnel can be immediately notified and updated which means lees time lost to costly delays and better client satisfaction. Having the most up-to-date and accurate information is a vital and critical role in any construction process.